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Lady Soma is an all natural and healthy source of women's supplements and skincare, which are specifically formulated for a women's needs. The female body is unique and complex; it deals with issues that range from vaginal health to digestive issues. Some products in the marketplace today are considered “safe”, yet they contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and allergens in many of the products used by women.

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In our guide, you can find information about harmful ingredients for pregnant women, the benefits of retinol products, healing rosacea and much more. We also provide detailed information about how to remove stretch marks, the best ingredients that lead to firming the skin, and answering questions like "Do I have a yeast infection?".

There is no magic pill for weight loss.

But we are able to amplify your metabolic processes to assist you in your weight loss efforts. Your diet can be supplemented with many of our products, and your hard work can pay off. The Lady Soma Detox and the Fiber Cleanse with Probiotics are designed to enhance your metabolism, slim down areas that are prone to body fat and give you the proper vitamins and nutrition to meet your weight loss goals. We use several potent and natural ingredients, like green tea, caffeine, amino acids, herbs and vitamins that enable the body to burn fat and increase energy levels (i.e. using fat as fuel to create energy). We are truthful in our marketing and stand by our premium, non-toxic ingredients. We pay attention to all the details and concerns, no matter how private. We respect your privacy and understand your health concerns.

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FDA cGMP Certified: Made in the USA

We are dedicated to providing product quality and consistency, and our formulas are based on extensive scientific research. Our supplements for women are created and monitored by expert scientists and quality assurance experts to ensure that our products meet the strictest standards, known as cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). cGMP ensures that all products are subject to multiple tests to ensure product efficacy, purity and potency.

To learn more about the strict standards of cGMP manufacturing, you can read: FDA cGMP

Every woman has a different reason for wanting to get fit.

Women’s bodies need specific types of vitamins and minerals that the female body does not produce, but are needed to function properly. The best source for these vitamins and minerals is food. This is a fact. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the key foods required for a healthy functioning body. However, the body can be thrown into imbalance when you are not getting the nutrients required. An imbalance can come in the form of fatigue, weight gain, yeast infection and other life disruptors. 

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