Somaluxe Lip Collagen Rescue + Peptide Complex


Improve Lip Hydration
Strengthen Lip Barrier
Repair Lip Damage

Removes lips lines and wrinkles using 3 types of collagen peptides. Rich blend of soothing restorative ingredients to moisturize and strengthen lips. Restores lip vitality using powerful moisturizing and plumping agents. Can be used as a daily lip balm, or special treatment to fill in fine lines. 1/4 oz.

+ Contains 3 Types of Collagen Peptides
+ Amino Acids, Beeswax & Organic Plant Stem Cells
+ Prevents Premature Lip Wrinkles
+ Improves Lip Density to Fill in Lip Wrinkles and Lines
+ Provides a great base for lipstick
+ No Harmful Chemicals