Cranberry Concentrate w/ Vitamin C | UTI Relief

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UTI Relief Fast
Pain, Urgency & Burning
Maximum Strength

A remedy for a healthy urinary tract and removing urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Fortified with Vitamin C and Vitamin E, our cranberry extract prevents and flushes bacteria from the urinary bladder wall, infusing potent nutrients to provide for long lasting urinary function support. Designed to work fast to relieve urinary tract infections (UTIs), it also helps maintain the health of the urinary tract. It is safe for both preventing and treating UTIs.

Each soft gel capsule is made with a 12:1 concentrate, which is equivalent to 5,050 milligrams of fresh cranberries. Our cranberries contain potent amounts of phytochemicals that run “health routines” inside the body which keep the cells healthy. Lady Soma only uses the whole fruit of the cranberry – there are no preservatives, sugar, gluten, artificial colors or flavors.