retinol products

Retinol Products for the Face

Retinol products are innovators. They concentrate the maximum amount of ingredients to do the maximum amount of job. All skin types can use our retinol - even the most sensitive skin types. Less is more when using retinol products. Retinol works for under eye puffiness and crows feet. You can put it on your face, neck and decolatte. 

You can wear makeup over the Renewal Serum.

The Renewal Serum has a highly concentrated dose of retinol that hydrates, firms and renews. You only need a little bit of the Renewal Serum to get its strong effects. It can be used all hours of the day and is the latest technology on the skin care market. You can apply all over your face, under your eyes, and bring it down to your neck. You can even use this product in your upper chest area. These retinols will improve your skin tone, and infuse with it with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. 

The Antioxidant Berry Mask contains rich nutrients and antioxidants that will firm your skin and even fine lines, wrinkles and pores. You can also use the Berry Mask all over your body. To apply the mask, use circular motions - and leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes. You can rinse over the bathroom sink or rinse in the shower. It will draw out dirt oil and impurities, and will improve fine lines and wrinkles. Temporary redness may occur after use of the mask.


somaluxe moisturizer

Extreme hydration, extreme moisture.

The Moisturizer from Somaluxe has oxygen seeking molecules. If you have applied moisturizers in the past, and your skin still feels dry, it means you need something that gives you moisture and oxygen. After using this product, users can expect a difference in the feathering of wrinkles around eyes, lips and mouth. It is intense moisture. Read more about The Moisturizer That Works.