Heal Skin & Body After a Harsh Winter

Spring is here, but your skin may still be feeling the adverse effects of winter. After a long winter, skin becomes dry, stressed and develops rough spots. To get rid of dry and flaky skin, exfoliation is required.

Scrub your skin with the Antioxidant Berry Mask.

The mask works with your skin’s natural elimination processes to remove impurities. Scrubbing the mask on the skin during application increases blood circulation to skin cells and stimulates glands for an even skin tone.

glycolic mask with blueberries

Since there is additional humidity and hydration in the air during spring, you can switch to a lighter moisturizer for the season. Oily or combination skin types may find that the Renewal Serum is moisturizing enough for the spring season. Just one application will be enough to renew your facial skin, and add needed moisture. Normal and dry skin types may use an additional moisturizer after the Renewal Serum has been absorbed. The Somaluxe Moisturizer contains all vitamins needed to hydrate facial skin and smells great!

somaluxe moisturizer with cap off

Winter heating systems can also cause significant stress on skin, primarily facial skin. To combat the effects of the your home’s heating system on skin, use the Somaluxe Moisturizer because it contains hyaluronic acid and natural humectants to moisturize your skin and add the necessary omega oils needed for a fresh appearance. Spending 1-2 minutes working the Somlauxe Face Cleanser into your facial skin using upward strokes and circular motions, can generate clearer, more vibrant skin, in a matter of days.

Drink Lemon Water Daily

Take a whole lemon, and squeeze it into a gallon of water. Use this as your water source for hydration. The lemon will cleanse your digestive tract while improving skin.

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