Lady Soma Detox


The Lady Soma Detox is an advanced cleanse designed for women that is easy to follow and gentleon the system. The benefits of the detox program include getting rid of excess waste buildup, reducing bloating, and support in weight loss. The proprietary formula triggers detox using natural plant ingredients.

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Key Benefits

  • Safe & natural detoxification
  • Seven day elimination of toxins
  • No preservatives, no artificial colorings, sugars, or starch
  • Supports healthy weight loss


As a dietary supplement, take one (1) pack in the morning, one (1) pack in the afternoon and one (1) pack at night, for seven days. Allow three weeks between cleansing cycles. It is recommended to drink at least eight ounces of water three times per day. Lady Soma recommends a 3 month cycle for effective use of the Detox. A 3 month cycle would include using the Lady Soma Detox for a period of one week, every month for 3 consecutive months.

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