Somaluxe was inspired by a single, every day moment of happiness. The feeling from something as simple as feeling freshly clean after a shower, or the first warm summer breeze in the spring. Such pleasures are given to us by the simplest methods. The aromas are reminiscent of clear air after an unexpected rain. These moments inspire us. They are the driving force behind our conscious and nostalgic methodology.

floral firming

Firming Lotion Reviews

  • I work out daily, I eat well and stay hydrated - but I was still getting wrinkles on my legs! I was so upset about it. It looked like I have grandma old legs, even though I am still young! They made me look older than I really am. I have been using your lotion for about 1 month now, and now I say “wow - this is really different”. I look down at my knees, and am so happy that this product does things no other product has ever done.  -Pat M., Santa Ana, CA

  • I am a dermatologist and I have been giving your lotion to my clients. They rave about it - they cannot get enough of it especially the smell. They are grateful and so am I. Thank you for this wonderful product.  -Pheobe Y., Sydney, AUS

  • I used to use just coconut oil on my stretch marks, but I wanted something that would also firm. I have been using your Firming Lotion product and I see it has alot of coconut oil (which I love). I am getting great results with this product, and I have half a bottle left and I have been using every day for three months. I am so surprised how good the value is for this product.   -Ariana R. Denver, CO

  • Im in the TV industry, and I got so embarrassed with my neck, that I used to tape my neck back during filming. I have tried advanced and expensive technologies for my neck, and most of them hurt. I am please with the Somaluxe Firming Lotion, but I did have to use it for a long time before I started seeing results. It was worth the wait though, because now I am not having to tape my neck any more. I feel confident. I no longer have skin that looks like my mothers :)   -Savannah G., Atlanta, GA