Questions About Cranberry Supplements & Treating UTIs

Why are cranberry supplements recommended over drinking cranberry juice?

Drinking a large amount of cranberry juice is not beneficial for treating a UTI because cranberry juice contains large amounts of sugar, which makes a UTI worse. Also, since cranberry supplements are far more concentrated compared to juice, they offer the enhanced benefits of antibiotic resistance and protection of good bacteria. 

How can you tell when a UTI is gone?

When bacteria enter the urinary tract, it causes inflammation which makes urinating painful. If the burning sensation is gone, then that is a good sign. Another sign that tells you whether your UTI is gone is when you no longer have frequently urinate. This is because once the walls of your bladder thicken due to a UTI, it fills urine faster and makes you want to urinate more frequently. Seeing your doctor is the best way to know for sure. Your can take cranberry supplements to prevent UTIs from reoccurring, if you feel a UTI coming on.

How Cranberry Cures and Prevents UTI

There is a potent ingredient in cranberries that inhibits the growth of bacteria in the bladder wall. E. coli is the root cause of 85% urinary tract infections and acute kidney infections. Avid researchers have observed that the metabolites of the cranberry supplements inside a petri dish thwarted the E. coli bacteria from sticking to bacteria; thus limiting the bacteria’s capability to develop and reproduce. As a result, it slows down the growth of acidophobic bacteria which cause UTIs.

cranberry supplement for UTI