Somaluxe Daily Facial Kit

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The Complete Daily Facial Kit is a comprehensive package of facial products needed to have clean, youthful and hydrated skin. The set contains three advanced facial skin care products to guide and support your facial skin in establishing its natural balance. The kit includes three products: Somaluxe Facial Wash, Renewal Serum and Somaluxe Moisturizer. The Somaluxe Face Wash contains an organic blend of fruits and juices to remove impurities while protecting facial skin's natural moisture balance, for a healthy complexion. The Renewal Serum, with its organic hyaluronic acid concentration, provides deep anti-aging benefits and promotes skin cell renewal to reduce blotchy complexions, wrinkles and skin blemishes. The Somaluxe Moisturizer completes the set, using hydrating botanicals and vitamins to nourish your skin, adding a protective barrier, and creating a fresh, dewy appearance.

+ Sulfate Free
+ Paraben Free
+ Cruelty Free
+ Gluten Free

Key Benefits

  • Complete set of products for facial rejuvenation
  • No artificial ingredients, fragrances or harmful chemicals
  • For all skin types


Step 1 - Use the Somaluxe Face Cleanser with warm water to wash face. Lather between palms, massage over face, and rinse thoroughly.
Step 2 - Use the Renewal Serum to target specific areas of the face, such as under eye, around the lips and forehead. The serum can be used over the entire face and neck. Allow 1 minute for the serum to fully absorb.
Step 3 - Apply the Somaluxe Moisturizer to seal in the ingredients of the serum, and add additional moisture to facial skin.

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