Oils: Cold Pressed or Distilled?

There are two main methods for creating essential oils: (1) Distillation and (2) Cold Pressed. Distillation is the most common method that uses heat, however it diminishes the vital parts of a plant. For example, plants like citrus fruits, gets a sharp and bittersweet aroma once it becomes an oil through distillation. That is why fruit essential oils must be cold-pressed to achieve their maximum potency. Cold pressed oils are separated from the plant through grinding, scraping, and pressing, without any use of heat throughout the entire process. This method is less economical, but the result is a delicate and subtle aroma of freshness. All Lady Soma & Somaluxe products use only cold-pressed essential oils.

Carrier Oils

Unlike essential oils, carrier oils are originated from fatty portions of plants, such as seeds and nuts. Carrier oils are mainly used for cooking, as well as to dilute potent oils, such as essential oils. Carrier oils are thick with little to no odor, which makes it ideal to blend into other oils. Commonly used carrier oils include: aloe vera, apricot, avocado, coconut, jojoba and sweet almond.