Argan Oil for the Face

somaluxe argan oil cap off

The argan plant takes 14 years to grow. It is very hard to grow, and it only grows in one area in the high deserts of Morocco. Many people have tried to grow argan oil outside of this area, but they always fail. We get our argan oil directly from the source. You need essential fatty acids in your skin - that is why doctors always recommend eating vegetables and fish - because they are high in essential fatty acids. As we age, we stop producing these acids - which turns our skin dry. We get dry. That is why we need the essential fatty acids.

Our argan oil is cold pressed, which is the reason it works so well. It contains essential fatty acids and vitamins - which is what makes this a super food for your skin. You can apply it everywhere. This is a light formula, that is not as greasy as most body oils. It absorbs well, and can be used on the face and body.

Most of our customers use this oil for their face.

Even if you have really sensitive skin, this oil can be worn right around your eyes without any irritation. It can be a face cream, face serum or body moisturizer.

It's never greasy. You can also add it to completed hairstyles for added styling and just a touch of shine.