About Lady Soma

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We are located in New York City and are a niche provider of health and nutritional supplements. Lady Soma products are designed to assist in maintaining healthy and active lifestyles. We have been raising the bar in the health industry by instituting truth in labeling and ingredient safety. We take pride in our approach to ensuring quality through our commitment.

Our Begininng

The word “soma” comes from the Greek language meaning “body”. Throughout history, Mediterranean food and culture, rich in fresh fruits, olive oil, vegetables, fish and whole grains, has been known to be the epitome of health.

We have developed a line that strictly focuses on internal and external demands of the body. Here, in confidence, anyone can email us or ask our representatives about their complex and personal hygiene issues; while being assisted by an educated and trained representative. Contact Us.

Small Batch Production

Small batch production means we produce our products in small batches every three months to ensure the safest and freshest quality in our skincare products. All our products are sourced and produced in the United States.


Our manufacturing facility in the United States is powered using 80% wind energy, and 15% solar power energy. We meticulously source our ingredients to ensure we are taking into consideration sustainable harvesting and fair trade practices.

Manufacturing Practices

Lady Soma manufactures products under very stringent GMPs (Good Manufacturing Standards), regulated by the FDA. Our scientific researchers have worked closely with state and federal agencies to ensure the quality of our products. We have heard many stories of women going to multiple doctors and trying alternative therapies for feminine discomfort - and we wanted to pose a solution. Lady Soma believes that every woman is the master of her own destiny and her own health. While taking the advice of doctors, it is also important for us as women to be empowered to make the decisions and take responsibility for our good health.

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Charity and Support

Lady Soma supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. A portion of Lady Soma proceeds are donated on an annual basis to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Everyday there is a new woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer. One day there will be a cure that will help women around the world. We believe in increasing public awareness about good breast health and also asking others to help donate to find a cure for breast cancer. Please visit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for information on how you can help.

If you have a confidential question or a recommendation for a new product, please feel free to contact us so we can come to your assistance.